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Medical Care for Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is best handled by a caring professional with a sensitivity to patient outcomes and needs. With a private practice geared towards the sensitivity and complex care of eating disorders, Dr. Bar ensures that her patients feel well cared for, comfortable, and supported throughout their health care journey.

Eating Disorders are a complex and can be caused by genetic, environmental stressors, societal /peer pressure, media exposure, or most often a combination of these. Dr. Bar is dedicated to providing compassionate medical care for adolescents and adults of all genders, sizes, shapes and abilities and at any stage of their recovery from an eating disorder or eating-related condition.  Utilizing a weight inclusive, Health At Every Size (HAES) lens her primary goals are:

Outpatient setting: Initial evaluation (90 min): includes input from parents and/or significant others, confidential interview with patient, complete physical examination, and lab work. A treatment plan will be developed including referrals to treatment professionals (typically dietitian and psychotherapist).

Follow up appointments are 30-45 min and include treatment team collaboration. 

Parent Consultation: 
Parents who are concerned about a child but who may not be able to bring them in for an evaluation may schedule a single one-hour consultation in person or by video conference to discuss their child's case.

Pharmacy Request:
Pharmacy requests may be requested by phone or email during routine office hours or left on our voicemail. Please first check with your pharmacy to see if you have any refills available. Please call for additional refills approximately 5 days before your current supply runs out.


Internal Medicine and Adolescent Medicine

Adolescent medicine focuses on the physical, psychological, social, and sexual development of adolescents and young adults. Adolescent medicine involves understanding the unique medical and behavioral issues associated with this patient population, and may include preventive, acute

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